Exploring Rest & Wonder: Post 2

Early morning found my little one struggling. Dragging his feet and rubbing his eyes, waking up was hard to do as he wiggled into his school clothes. To his credit, he did not whine on the way to the bus stop but he stuck close to me. Holding tight to my hand and then wrapping himself around my legs to lean against me as we waited for his ride. After a moment, I sat, right there on the wet ground so he could plop down in my lap. He snuggled in and sighed. Silently praying over him, I recognized it is my honor to be his safe place, to be one he leans on when exhaustion sets in,  to pause when facing the day is a bit much. Within minutes, he was ready to go. I released him to his day, trusting God would go before him, go with him and go behind him.

I may be oversimplifying but I wondered, could this be a glimpse into God’s heart for me? When exhaustion sets in, when the obstacles seem too much to overcome does He long for me to lean into Him? Does He hope I will draw near to hold tight to His hand, to plop down into His lap to be held? Does He pray over me? I think . . . yes.

It’s no secret the world is a difficult place full of heartache and people hurting each other. Many (and yes, I have too) blame God at times for allowing all the “yuck” in life. My thoughts this morning were less about the “why’s” of this life and more about the WHO. Who do I lean into when I am weary? I realized it honors God when I seek Him as my safe refuge. I long to plop myself into His lap and receive His comfort before the noise of the day steals my attention. When I respect this longing and pause to be still, then facing the obstacles becomes a little more doable.

“Be still and know I am God.” Psalm 46:10

 “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” – Jesus (Matthew 11:27)


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